Agriculture Lending and Financing

Peoples Bank & Trust Co. has an extensive background, experience, and knowledge of agriculture that clients expect in an Ag lender. Our commitment to develop long-term relationships gives our customers the trust of knowing that we're a partner they can count on through changing economic cycles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the first step I should take to find out more about obtaining an Agriculture loan?
You can stop by or call a location near you to talk to a lender to set up an appointment

How long does it take to get an Agriculture loan?
As a community bank, we have easier access to our executives to make decisions in a faster manner than larger financial institutions. Our President and executive team work in the corporate location, which allows us to get a quick answer. 

What options are available for an Agriculture financing, but do not have sufficient cash available to meet traditional down payment requirements?
Peoples Bank & Trust Co. is an experienced USDA/FSA Lender with Programs which provide for multiple financing options.

See USDA’s or FSA’s webpage for more or contact a lender today!

What information do I need in order to apply for an Agriculture loan?
In order to review a request for credit for your business, we would need the following information:

  • Personal financial statement
  • Tax returns for past two years for the business
  • Personal tax returns for the past two years
  • Lease and Contracts
  • Projections with current Profit and Loss statement

What other services does Peoples Bank & Trust Co. offer for a Farm or Ranch besides loans?
Peoples Bank & Trust Co. offers a full line of products, including checking accounts, Online Banking with Funds Manager, Mobile App, Bill Pay and much more!

Common Key Terms used:

DSCR or Debt-Service Coverage Ratio: Formula which measures the property’s ability to service its outstanding debt.
LTV or Loan to Value: Figure that measures the value of a loan against the appraised value of the property.
UCC or Uniform Commercial Code: Legal form filed to show the bank has interest in a form of property by the borrower.
Lein: Placed on Collateral in order to collect/secure debt for a loan
LOC or Line of Credit: An approved amount of money to a borrower to take at any time for a certain purpose, with making payments to the line determined by the bank.

At Peoples Bank & Trust Co. we finance a wide range of Agri-Business including equipment, crops, livestock and FSA Guaranteed loans on fixed and variable rates. Listed below are just a few of the loans that we offer to Ag customers. For more detailed information please contact an Ag Loan Officer.

Secured Ag Loans: Loans designed to assist with capital needs.

Secured Operating: The lines of credits are designed to assist with short-term capital needs and business expansion

Real Estate Secured Farm Loans: Financing of Residential Development Projects including Subdivisions, Single Family and Multi-family Housing; Office and Retail Projects to Licensed Contractors; Plants and Facilities financing.

FSA Loan Programs: Designed to help establish, expand and strengthen your farm or ranch.  

USDA Loan Programs: Designed to help a variety of rural applications.

*All loan products subject to credit approval

All Business Loans come with:

Online Banking with Funds Manager Receive Text Message Alerts For All Account Activity Mobile App