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Earn more with a higher interest rate.  Call us and ask us about any CD specials we are running.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the benefits of opening a CD?
Safe and FDIC Insured investment.  Allows you to earn steady interest at a higher rate than savings accounts for a period of time you decided.  Can be withdrawn at any time for a penalty.

What do I need to open up a CD account?
The bank will need your basic information, such as: Social Security number, Primary and Secondary ID and a minimum opening deposit.

What information would I need for a joint CD account?
The same information that’s needed when opening an individual account, but you’ll need it for both applicants

What is a Primary ID?
All primary documents must include all of the following characteristics to be considered an acceptable primary identification document:

  • Unexpired status with issue date of more than 30 days preceding date of account opening
  • Photograph clearly identifying the person presenting the identification document
  • Name
  • Physical Address of Residence
  • Date of Birth
  • Document Identification Number

Examples: Driver License, United States Passport, Active or Retired Military ID, Permanent Resident Card

What is a Secondary ID?
The following documents are examples of secondary identification documents for US Persons and Non-US Persons. At least two of the following documents must be presented to provide acceptable identification:

  • Medicare Card / Medicaid Card
  • Veterans Universal Access Identification Card
  • United States Voters Registration Card
  • Original or certified birth certificate issued by a U.S. state, jurisdiction or territory
  • U.S. Citizen Identification Card

Where can I open up the account?
Visit us at any location to open your CD account needs

Can I open up the account online?
Peoples Bank and Trust Co. is working on providing you with this option but at this time we require all accounts to be opened up at one of our locations

What is a POD?
Payable-on-Death or POD.  Names the beneficiary of your CD account proceeds at the time of your death. You can add this to any personal account. All we need is the POD Social Security number, Date of Birth and current address.  To find out more please visit with one of our account reps at one of our locations.

Can I get the money out of the CD when I need it?
Yes, you can get the money out at any time and only occur an early withdrawal penalty.

What are early withdrawal penalties?
This fee is a very common penalty.  Usually the bank would collect 3 month of interest earned as the penalty, but be sure to ask your banker as some CD’s have different penalties. 

15 Months
Min. to open


Annual Percentage Yield


CD Specials

Beat your rate! If you can find a better rate, we will beat it by .05!**

All CD accounts come with:

Balance Insured Up to FDIC Applicable Limits Online and Mobile Bill Pay Mobile App Available

For complete information, refer to our Truth in Savings disclosure available at any retail location.

APY = Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of 5/9/2019. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notification. Fees could reduce earnings. Early withdrawal penalty we may impose will equal to 90 days of interest. No broker deposits. *Open balance requirement minimum $1000.00. Balance in order to receive advertised APY, is minimum of $1000.00. **Beat your rate, must prove through advertisement or written proof offer of better rate. We will only beat rates within 25 miles from our Ryan, Oklahoma and Edmond, Oklahoma retail locations.